Thank you to all the incredible speakers, sponsors and attendees who made JCON EUROPE an outstanding event!
We're excited to let you know, that our next big event will be this year in November called JCON WORLD ONLINE! Our big International ONLINE Java Community Conference.

About JCON EUROPE 2023

JCON EUROPE 2023 is the in-person Java community conference in Germany organized by the Java User Group Oberpfalz in cooperation with JAVAPRO Magazine. Java is our profession and JCON is our passion and a lot of fun. We love to provide Java developers with a spectacular 100 % live conference open to the entire Java-User-Group communities.

In 2019, more than 1,000 participants from 34 countries and five continents had joined the JCON 2019.

The 7th JCON edition is presented as an in-person conference – again in a multiplex cinema so that you can watch code on the BIG screen! We have summarized all information about the location and how to get there here:


Focus on Core Java & Cloud-Native Java
JCON traditionally focuses on Core Java, Serverside Java, APIs and Frameworks because that’s what we as Java developers work with every day. However, the main topic will be Java-Cloud-Native and Microservices, because this is the future of Java and a must-have for Java developers.

parallel streams
live sessions

Well organized and a great location. I love the cinema environment. Absolutely awesome! It felt like the whole organizing team really cared about every single attendee and speaker.

„ JCon offered a fantastic opportunity to meet people I had previously only known online, allowing for meaningful in-person connections. The event excelled in bringing together speakers from around the world, making it a truly global gathering. The impressive venue, featuring a large hall and a huge screen, added to the overall experience and created a captivating atmosphere. The positive energy and enthusiasm felt throughout the event made it a memorable and enjoyable experience. Based on these highlights, it would be highly beneficial to continue organizing JCon in the future.”

“Great venue with good seating. I really liked that there were multiple food options and a great assortment of cooled drinks available in the fridges. The speaker support was really good as well. Clear communication up front and good support from the people in the room. Everything just worked. Great to see.”

"I really liked the location with its high ceilings and a lot of natural light as well as good food options and a little park close by."

“The attendees! The vibe! The organizing staff! I was really blown away by the warm, thoughtful people I met and the great conversations I had. Not sure if there's a way to keep this around, other than I met a lot of great speakers so invite them back. I also appreciated that there were more women attendees than in some conferences I've been to. Thank you for a great event and all your care that you put into it.”

“The people. The audience was engaged with the talks, other speakers were great, crew was friendly and helpful. Thanks for having me!”

“The venue was magnificent! It was fun seeing old friends too.”

“I enjoyed the fact that is was not a commercial but community driven event. There were interesting speakers you don't find on other more international and commercial conferences”

“The organization, the shirts, and the food were great, with a wide selection; the beverages were everywhere at the gatherings and parties. And there were a lot of speakers. Overall, it was a great experience. I would love to join again”

“The location, the easiness of registration, the dinner, the friendliness and approachability of the organizers“

“The cinema location was great, the cinemas are great for the speakers and the huge screens are very nice for the audience. The free chilled drinks where also awesome. I liked that the JCON team tried immediately to fix all upcoming issues, everyone was very engaged to make it a good experience for everyone.”


UCI Cinema Duesseldorf, Germany

The awesome food variation at JCON EUROPE 2023

around Cinedom, Cologne

JCON Content Board

Sandra Ahlgrimm

Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

Sven Ruppert

Developer Advocate at JFrog

Matthias Gutheil

Software Architect at itemis

Sascha Hesse

Enterprise Architect Cloud at Danfoss

Werner Keil

Director, Creative Arts & Technologies

Dr. Susanne Braun

Expert Software Architecture Data-Intensive Systems at Fraunhofer IESE

Reza Rahman

Principal Program Manager, Java on Azure at Microsoft

Markus Kett

JAVAPRO Magazin Editor in Chief
CEO at MicroStream

Brian Demers

Developer Advocate at Gradle

Emily Jiang

IBM, Lead development architect for MicroProfile and CDI

Kito Mann

Principal Consultant, Virtua, Inc.

Marcus Hellberg

VP of Developer Relations at Vaadin

Richard Fichtner

Founder JUG Oberpfalz, CEO of XDEV Software

Our Sponsors 2023

Since the start of JCON, it has been the continuous support from companies and organizations partnering with us to help create events that bring the Java community together. We thank each and every one of our partners for their fantastic support! Please take a few minutes to learn about our partners and let them know you appreciate their support of our community! 


Store and load any Java Object Graph or Subgraphs partially, Relieved of Heavy-weight JPA. Microsecond Response Time. Ultra-High Throughput. Minimum of Latencies. Create Ultra-Fast In-Memory Database Applications & Microservices.


XDEV Software GmbH, based in Weiden/Bavaria, is a German software development company specializing in Java. Among other things, XDEV is the maintainer of various open-source developer tools.

RapidClipse X is a visual Java development environment for the fast and efficient development of individual business applications. Save up to 90% development time.


Vaadin makes it faster and easier to develop and modernize applications based on Java. We let you choose from two platforms to suit the needs of each of your development teams.

Our flagship Flow platform empowers Java developers to build intuitive UIs quickly using their existing Java skills, while our Hilla platform makes it easy to build a modern reactive frontend on an existing Java backend.

TIMOCOM gestaltet den Güterverkehr auf der Straße smart, safe und simple. Wir sind Wegbereiter und Wegbegleiter für die Vernetzung in der Logistik. Mittlerweile sind wir zu einem der erfolgreichsten mittelständischen IT- und Datenspezialisten für die Logistikbranche in ganz Europa gewachsen und einer der beliebtesten IT-Arbeitgeber Deutschlands.

Doch damit geben wir uns nicht zufrieden: Wir erweitern unseren TIMOCOM Marktplatz fortlaufend um neue, zukunftsweisende und vor allem digitale Lösungen, um unseren Kunden zu helfen, die Welt auch morgen in Bewegung zu halten.

Temporal is a durable execution system that enables reliable and correct execution of software services and applications, empowering teams to manage application state at scale.

adesso ist einer der führenden unabhängigen IT-Dienstleister im deutschsprachigen Raum und konzentriert sich mit Beratung sowie individueller Softwareentwicklung auf die Kerngeschäftsprozesse von Unternehmen und öffentlichen Verwaltungen.

Die adesso Group ist mit rund 8.000 Mitarbeitenden und einem Jahresumsatz 2022 von 900,25 Mio Euro eines der größten deutschen IT-Dienstleistungsunternehmen.

BellSoft provides the most complete Java experience and is an exclusive OpenJDK vendor to support all OpenJDK LTS versions 8, 11, 17, a current release, legacy JDK 6 & 7, and GraalVM Native Image. BellSoft’s unique offering helps enterprises optimize their Java investments and leverage cutting-edge technologies. Liberica JDK is the OpenJDK distribution recommended by the Spring Framework team.

Azul is the only company 100% focused on Java. Millions of Java developers, hundreds of millions of devices and the world’s most highly regarded businesses trust Azul to power their applications with exceptional capabilities, performance, security, value, and success.

Gradle Enterprise leverages acceleration technologies to speed up the software build and test process and data analytics to make troubleshooting more efficient. It is a key enabling technology for the emerging practice of Developer Productivity Engineering.

OpenValue consists out of decentralized teams of over 140 highly skilled full stack Java experts operating from different countries in Europe. We aspire to excel in the fast changing field of custom software development. There are constantly new tools, technologies and concepts that enable us to be more innovative and efficient. By sharing what we've learned we challenge ourselves to be frontrunners.


Experten verdienen Experten

Sie sind die Spezialisten auf Ihrem Gebiet und sagen uns, wie wir Sie bestmöglich unterstützen können. Gemeinsam machen wir Ihre IT-Umgebung & Geschäftsprozesse fit für die Herausforderungen von Morgen – und Ihr Business startklar für die Zukunft. Die beste Lösung ist die beste Lösung für Sie.

AxonIQ bietet eine End-to-End-Entwicklungs- und Infrastrukturplattform für die reibungslose Entwicklung von event-driven Microservices mit CQRS und Event Sourcing.

Axon wird von Unternehmen in Branchen wie dem Gesundheitswesen, Banken, Versicherungen, Logistik und dem öffentlichen Sektor eingesetzt.

On Honeypot, companies apply to you. We believe developers and other tech professionals should choose a job they love: whether that’s based on a cutting-edge tech stack, an inspiring team, or just good old-fashioned salary. Today, Honeypot is Europe’s leading developer-focused job platform.

Infineon Technologies AG is a global semiconductor leader in power systems and IoT. Infineon drives decarbonization and digitalization with its products and solutions.


Easily manage Call for Papers, Speakers and Agenda for your conference!

Event management software for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events that’s quick to learn and easy to set up.


Java User Group Oberpfalz is an open community to exchange ideas on current topics relating to the application of Java technology in Bavaria / Germany.

We offer contacts and exchanges within the regional Java community and regular talks and discussions on current Java topics.

JAVAPRO is the very first professional magazine for Java which is free of charge.


Manning is a publisher of computer books, videos, and projects for software developers, engineers, architects, system administrators, managers and all who are professionally involved with the computer business.

The Transparent German Tech Job Board - find your next job opportunity based on expected salary, technologies and location.

Kube events aggregates and curates all Kubernetes events happening around you and online such as meet-ups, webinars, conferences and training.

Kube Careers is the Kubernetes job board where you can find curated jobs with clear salary ranges, and apply directly to companies.

Unter dem Namen betreibt die Nürnberger New Elements GmbH seit über 15 Jahren eines der größten Bildungszentren im deutschsprachigen Raum. Ihr Programm umfasst ein breites Angebot von Softwareentwicklungs-Kursen zu klassischen Programmiersprachen wie Java, Python, JavaScript u.a.


We love Java. That’s why we want to bring together Java developers from all over the world. To learn, to connect, to have fun. The feedback we receive proves us right and motivates us to keep going.


JCON is a team effort and a conference by developers for developers. The JUG Oberpfalz does the heavy lifting in organizing everything. But the heart of the conference are our speakers with their sessions.


We often work in completely different branches, but Java is our common denominator and connects us all. Over the years, not only acquaintances but friendships have formed on account of JCON!


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